The crystals that fell from that tree;

Shards scattered beneath me.

I remember it was like

I was running and I couldn’t stop

And it all flew by in a rush.

Soon I’ve fallen to my knees;

The wind picks up and I can’t breathe.

Panicking over what I’ve lost and what once was,

I remember when the rain stopped falling

And the sand filled my lungs

And I started to stumble

But still I kept on moving because

I knew there had to be

Something at the end of that road.

Ice cuts deep into my skin these days

And my veins are full of venom.

My fingertips reach for the roots of my past,

The roots of the tree

That held it all.


Underneath the Glowing Moon

I need a calm, nice place to sit and think.

A meadow of marigolds would be nice or

Maybe underneath a willow tree.

Fairytales can find me there,

And I can casually shake golden pixie dust

Out of my hair.

Wings will grow between my shoulder blades

And my old t-shirt

Will become a beautiful gossamer gown.

The sun will start to set.

That’s when we, Elf King,

Can dance

In a circle,

Underneath the glowing moon.

I will feast on the nectar of dreams

And tell you that

I’d love to be your queen

But if not then that’s alright with me.

Just please let me be a part of the magic

Because here I feel like I’m at home.

Just let me dance with you,

Shaking golden pixie dust

Out of my hair,

Feasting on the nectar of dreams

In a circle

Underneath the glowing moon.

The Escapee

Dark city, twisted mind


Till the end of time.

Eyes wide and sparkling,

I take it all in.

I want so much, yet it makes me feel

So heavy.

What I must do in this world

Is all crumpled up in my pocket;

I want it but I don’t have the will

To take it out and straighten its folds.

Not yet.

I’m tired. So tired.

I look at my reflection and see

A stranger,

All soft flesh.

And I wish I felt safe,

But out there it’s a warzone.

I’m running away—

That way I’ll escape this dark city,


To the vibrant forests of my youth




Poem: Clarity

Diamonds embedded in flesh

Sparkling where the wounds should be

An angel

That has come to save me;

Show me some light

She takes me to an island,

Buries me in the sand

And when I wake I see—

See what’s real again








The sand loops around me

My shadows disappear


I am



I am



Silently I write in purest hope that

Clarity comes to you as it did me


Loops and labyrinths

Rings of fire

Blood flowing through

This little house of mine

Quiet water

A cleanse

Jungle mind and fragile heart

Hear now…

Here now…


She takes me back home breathless

I lie beneath the sky and

Feel fully functional


Poem: The Day My Friend Gerwyn Got Stuck

Good old Gerwyn lived on a fading hill
He lived in a game, lived in my mind
There, lies are truth and truth is nothing but a lie
And the river doesn’t flow because
It is trapped inside a great glass box.
One day old Gerwyn got trapped
In a gigantic turquoise balloon.
All the turtles stood in a circle and laughed.
He floated up in the sky, and wished
That Salvador Dali could come get him out.
After all, he was the only one
That understood these happenings.
But Gerwyn wasn’t real and so
He lives in that big balloon to this day.

Poem: Youth

Life, take me back to all the times
When my light was untouched by
Polluted minds
And words as forceful as stones
On my two small shoulders.
Take me back to magical days,
Looking for fairies in the garden or
Trying to spot a mermaid amongst fresh ocean waves.
Those days I cherish like
A beloved collection of my favorite books.
Now at nearly nineteen I watch my young sisters
with a smile.
I myself am still young, standing on the threshold
Of childlike wonder and
The seriousness that comes with growing up.
I hope with all I am that I never lose
That sparkling wonder.
Even at fifty or at sixty
I want to have a shimmer in my eyes;
The only mark of my physical age will be
The lines the world will have given me
As a token for living through a plethora
Of delights and of difficulty.
And as I look at my own face and hands today,
I notice the rosiness of youth that still courses through me;
Giving my pale flesh a soft pink glow
And my hair, still shining like copper, continues to rapidly grow.
Sometimes I fail to realize just how fortunate I am
To wake in peaceful daylight with a ready mind.
And each day I continue to learn more and more,
Ready to take on the world with love.

Poem: The Door

I found myself
At insecurity’s door
On a lonely Thursday.
In a room full of peers,
All I felt was fear.
So I wandered through
The garden in my mind
To the darkest recesses, where
To my distress,
The door was waiting there,
Just for me.
A chorus of voices told me
To take a peek inside,
And so I did.
But sitting behind that door
Was the monster they call insanity.
Its green eyes pierced my heart.
I gave it one look and slammed
The door.
I ran out of my garden
And haven’t looked back